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QR Control Codes

for MapRun

Last edited: Wed 27 Oct 2021

The latest version of MapRun (MapRun6) supports QR code punching. This means that you can plan courses where they have to scan the code at each control, or use them as backup for when the GPS doesn't work.

Numbering Controls

When you make the kml for MapRun you need to number the pins as the control numbers not the sequence numbers. So, not 1 2 3 but, for example, 131 120 156...

The Codes

All our normal control markers will have the QR code attached, so if you are using them then you don't have to do anything extra.

If you are creating a course that uses some other way of marking control sites, you may need to make your own tags to scan. You can either use the ones in the file below as they are, or add them into your own design.

QR Codes Template

When scanned through the MapRun6 app, these QR codes simply act as a punch. If scanned through the phone's normal QR scanning app, they take the user to a page on our website explaining about orienteering and what the tags are for.

Setting up an Event using QR Punching

The club's MapRun administrator needs to know the control prefix used when they come to set up. If you don't say anything, they'll assume you have used the standard one from the template above which is