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Organiser's checklist

for QOADs/ MapRun events

Last edited: Sat 6 Jun 2020

An aide memoire for these event nights, which are low-key street-based races run from public or pub car parks, with the entire event run from smart phones.

Entries are open 5-7pm. Courses close at 8pm.

  • Try to be at the assembly area 15 mins ahead of course opening time. Some form of illumination would be useful. Umbrella at the ready!
  • Operate from car/van with registration slips, float (£40), maps, course codes, CD’s, smart phones (4 for hire), headlamps (4 for hire), and any previously supplied registration slips.
  • On arrival, competitors should complete (or hand in) registration slips, unless supplied previously on-line. Ensuring they have mobile phone numbers of their smart phones and next-of-kin. Boards are useful to support form being completed.
  • Collect fee. £5 per smartphone being used. Juniors must be accompanied. Hire charges £1; £40 charge for lost smartphone.
  • Explain option of Long or Short course. Time allowed 50 min before penalties. Values of controls vary.
  • Check smart phone variant - iOS or Android.
  • Check carrier (on arm)
  • Check head lamp.
  • Check motor chair lamps of disabled competitors

- MapRun app loaded

- Correct course loaded (MR UK - Somerset - Future. Then choice of Long or short course)

- supply appropriate code (4 digit) for course selected (though codes are generally set to expire shortly before the event)

- GPS enabled

- GPS ‘ready to start’ on the app (note: MapRun F doesn't have a 'Start the GPS' button like the older app does)

-correct ‘timed out’ setting – preferably ‘never’

  • Supply map and CDs (if required). Emergency phone number shown on map. Return by 8pm
  • Check ‘Start’ registers and time counting down from 50 min.
  • Useful aid: clipboard and list of entrants and start times.
  • At end of run, check ‘Finish’ registers.
  • Upload results and report to organiser (may be in pub!)


Roger and Judy Craddock, February 2019

Updated by Jeff Pakes, January 2020