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Setting up an event

For MapRun

Last edited: Sat 6 Jun 2020

It's relatively straightforward to set up an event once the steps have been learnt though there is a learning curve on the first one or two events you set up.

A brief explanation

A map is generated using either Open Orienteering Maps (OOM), which is a free open source orienteering resource or the more the standard club package OCAD.

A pdf of the map is generated and loaded into Purple Pen (free software) and a score course planned. A jpeg of the map is geo-referenced using the app, creating a KMZ file.

Any map amendments can be processed using Open Street Maps (OSM) -learn about the process here. These updates in turn feed into OOM, which sources its map data from OSM itself then converts it into a familiar-looking orienteering map.

Then control sites identifiable from above on Google Earth (GE) are plotted on or near to the sites selected in Purple Pen. The course file (in KML format) can then be created from GE.

On receipt of the event organiser's map (KMZ) and course (KML) file, Jeff Pakes (who has admin access) can set the courses up online.

MapRun is under constant development.

A step-by-step guide

Matt Atkins of Devon OC has written a more detailed step-by-step guide to the process, for those new to the app. He has kindly let us use it. Keep and eye out for updates from time-to-time as the process involves.

Download the guide here