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Maps & areas

Possible venues

Last edited: Sat 6 Jun 2020

The following is a list of areas with good quality terrain with the potential to host a course.

Please let Jeff Pakes know (see contacts page) if you would like to get involved in this process of planning a course.

Maps have in most cases been sourced from the freely available Open Orienteering Maps


The county town has been used as a testing ground for MapRun in Somerset. It benefits from extensive and detailed mapping in OCAD.

SideArea [click for info], (event centre: day/evening)Details / map / scale
NWLongrun Meadow & environs
(L'run Barn / COACH / Tesco cafe till 18.00)
NW Roughmoor & Longrun (Park and Ride)OCAD 1:5k
NWChip Lane / Longrun (various)OOM 1:5k
Lyngford & Priorswood
(Lyngford shopping precinct/ the O'bridge pub)
OOM 1:7.5k
OOM 1:7.5k
NPyrland (Wellsprings Centre cafe / Taunton Green)OCAD 1:5k
NEMonkton Heathfield (the Merry Monk)OOM 1:5k
Wilton (Vivary Park / Vivary Arms)
OCAD 1:5k
SWSouth West
Queens College & Comeytrowe / (Tesco Express / the Shepherd's Rest)
OCAD 1:7.5k
SESouth East
Dowslands, Holway, Blackbrook, Halcon & Hankridge /
(Hamilton Park, Tesco Express, Blackbrook Pavilion- daytime only-, King's College, The Flying Horse)
OOM 1:10k
SEBlackbrook with North Holway OCAD 1:5k
SEHolway & Blackbrook
Holway to Lambrook
OOM 1:5k
OOM 1:7.5k


AreaArea [click for info], (event centre: day/ evening)Details / map / scale
BridgwaterBower Manor (Bower Inn)Map 1:5k
Burnham-on-seaWhole town (Rosewood or Dunstan House Inn)Map 1:10k
Cotford St LukeWhole village (The Chapel)
Map 1:5k
CullomptonCentre (Pony & Trap, Weary Traveller)Map 1:5k
Shepton MalletWhole townMap 1:5k **
StreetWhole town (Wetherspoons or the Two Brewers)Map 1:5k
TivertonWhole town (Whiteball Inn or the Half Moon)Map 1:10k
WellingtonTown centre & environs (Wetherspoons?)Map 1:7.5k
Map 1:5k
Weston-S-MareNorth East / Castle Batch (the Observatory, Ebdon or Tesco Worle ExpressMap 1:10k *
YeovilNorth West (the Forum/ the Arrow)Map 1:7.5k
YeovilNorth East (The Great Lyde)Map 1:7.5k

* General area believed to have been used by Bristol OK. Possibility for a collaboration