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Young Leader Award

An assistant coach award for 14-19yos

Last edited: Tue 5 Jan 2021

The British Orienteering Young Leader Award is aimed to get teenagers started at coaching and putting on events.


Essential: Some experience of orienteering (up to Yellow courses).

Desirable: Have taken part in competitive orienteering events.


On passing the course, participants may:

  • lead training in enclosed areas, such as school grounds
  • assist with training in other areas
  • put on an event using an existing course in enclosed areas
  • assist with putting on events in other areas


This is a 6-hour course. Normally it would be done face to face as a series of short sessions or as a single day. However, during COVID-19 restrictions, some aspects will be covered remotely.


Participants are assessed on an ongoing basis during the course. This is normally through assignments and observations fo dummy lessons. During COVID-19 restrictions, some aspects could be assessed by remote assignments and videoed sessions.


  1. Intro and the Step System
  2. Map Drawing and Setting
  3. Map Games
  4. Warmups
  5. Cone Courses
  6. Map Symbols and Colours
  7. Map Walks
  8. Star Exercises
  9. Linear Courses
  10. Other Competition Formats
  11. Safety
  12. Helping at Local Events