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Using Purple Pen



Last edited: Wed 19 Jan 2022

The Technical Side

Here are our main guides to creating courses using Purple Pen.

Guide to Purple Pen

Guide to Preparing the Final Files

Wherever possible, events should be created using PPen. This makes everything a lot easier for everyone in the process.

Install PPen and have a play around. You can use this map to try things out.


For JOG it is good to overide the IOF standards. Make the circles and text larger and the lines thicker. Put a white backround around the text, too. Anything that makes it easier to see for the participant.

Things to Remember to Include

Make sure the name of the course (Hare, Squirrel, etc) features prominently. Don't just rely on the name in the CDs. This is to avoid a child accidentally being given the wrong map and getting very confused/disheartened.

You should also use the club logo and QR code (in the images of this page).

If the courses are using MapRun, the PIN will need to be on the map, too.

Sharing Courses

Big thing to note: PPen does not incorporate the map in its files. You must send the map file as well as the PPen file if you want the recipient to be able to see it.

Photo Gallery

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Qoqr About Us