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The Big Picture

Last edited: Sat 9 Jan 2021

So, you have now hopefully got a good idea about what you need to do as a Planner and as a Controller. It's worth looking at the other roles people play in putting on a JOG activity as well as the overall timetable for putting on the activity.

Permissions Officer

Unless it takes place entirely on the public highway, formal permission is needed to put on an orienteering activity. This is obtained by the Permissions Officer.

They need things from different people to be able to arrange it:

  • date of activity (Organiser)
  • all controls map (Planner)
  • risk assessment (Planner and Organiser)

There is a significant lead time needed for many areas, often of the order of months.


Agrees the area and date of activity with the Planner and Fixtures Secretary.

Arranges first aid cover.

Puts up roadsigns (if needed) and banners.

Sets up and runs registration and download (with help from others).

Coordinates any emergency response (eg. a search for a lost participant).


Make sure you refer to the JOG Planning Timetable.