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Shape and Flow

Last edited: Sat 9 Jan 2021

Shape of Course

Where possible, a course should involve both left and right turns. A simple loop is unlikely to be satisfactory for any but perhaps Hare.

Length of Legs

At Badger and Fox, there should also be a changing rhythm of leg lengths. Mix up longer legs with a series of shorter ones to keep it interesting and force the use of different strategies.

However, do not be tempted to make the legs too long at Hare or Squirrel. It is vital that participants do not start to think they've gone wrong and then second-guess themselves. Indeed, at Hare if the navigation is at all 'interesting' it helps if the participants can see the next control straight away.

Refer back to the advice in the TD documents.

Flow of Course

The direction of flow needs to be considered when planning the courses. Having two different courses heading opposite directions down the same stretch of path is never ideal, and COVID-19 guidance prohibits it.