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Risk Assessment

Last edited: Tue 5 Jan 2021

Once you've finalised your courses, you need to complete the risk assessment.

Don't worry, nearly all of it is already done for you. You just need to go through and decide whether the existing controls are sufficient in this instance. If they are, then confirm they are. If they aren't, then add in extra ones.

For instance, let's say you have a road crossing. The generic control measure says:

"Avoid major roads. Shorter courses to avoid all roads. Juniors to be accompanied if doing a longer course involving roads."

Example 1: Your Fox crosses a minor road at a point with good visibility both ways. You'd probably be happy with the generic control measures.

Example 2: Your Badger crosses a minor road on a bend with poor visibility from the side the competitors come. You might decide to make it a manned crossing, with an adult official supervising from the side with good visibility.

You can read the full instructions and download copies of the general risk assessments here.