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Last edited: Sat 9 Jan 2021


Before you plan your first full courses, it's worth critiquing some.

All courses in events need to have a Controller. Their job is to check that the courses created by the Planner are safe and that they meet the required Technical Difficulties. Any issues, they work with the Planner to resolve.

JOGs work on a rota system. The Planners for a series are also the Controllers. Typically, you control for the JOG two weeks after the one you plan.


Here is an extract from a Hare course...

Controlling Example

Controlling Example

And here is an extract from the Controller's feedback to the Planner...

Overall: Good course but a bit long for a Hare course. Needs the ascent adding. Start is at a decision point. Suggest moving a bit south.

S-1: Good.

1-2: Good. The CD needs changing to 'path crossing'.

2-3: Decision point just east of water trough. Needs a control adding at that junction to make it TD1.


9-10: Is the circle centred on the top of the stairs? Please check and amend if necessary.


15-16: The circle looks off, but having visited on the ground I see the path does actually bend that way. You might want to get the map updated - it looks like it is just the gap in the indistinct path symbol popping up in an unfortunate place. There is a risk a participant could get to the junction then turn right looking for the control.


Here is a set of courses for a fictional JOG. They are not perfect.

Controlling Exercise

You need to write up Controller's comments for each course. In this one, the Fox is supposed to be a straightforward TD4 course, not a training special.

When you're done, send your comments to chair@