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SIAC electronic timing

Contactless punching at QO events

Siac Slider 2 Web 300

Siac Slider 2 Web 300

Last edited: Fri 2 Feb 2018

At selected events in future you will have the opportunity to use contactless punchin. This section provides details of how this can be expected to work.

Our aim is for certain events, particularly larger ones, to feature SportIdent contactless punching, or SIAC.

We have 30 SIAC cards available to hire for anyone who wishes to try the system on a first come first served basis.

All other users can use their own or hired standard SI cards and manually punch in the normal way.

See notes further below for more detail. Procedure in Word format

What will be the costs to the user?

If you have chosen not to invest in a SIAC dibber, to hire the cost will typically be £2. Lost SIAC dibbers charged for at replacement cost of £60

Procedure for competitors

If using one of these, this is what you need to do at the start and end of your run:


  • Clear station on the approach as per normal
  • Check station in prestart (after clear box) – check is used to ensure all cards (normal and SIAC types) have been cleared, but in this case also switches contactless mode on for the SIAC card checked
  • SIAC test station is available after check process and before the start to see if the SIAC card is working in contactless mode (pass it over the box <50cm away) and check that SIAC flashes and beeps
  • Don’t approach the start control after the check box is dibbed as if you get close enough the SIAC will register the start erroneously and the timing will begin- if this happens you must clear and check again-
  • Start control will be contactless for SIAC users- normal cards must punch it to start


  • The two finish controls, standard and SIAC, will be >1m apart - passing by the finish control will register the finish on the SIAC and turn off contactless mode.
  • The post-finish manual check control will be located after the finish. This is used for safety checking so is very important that all competitors using SIAC punch it.