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Ranking points

Last edited: Wed 6 Dec 2017

Not sure how or when you qualify for ranking points? If so, read on

Rankings list, filtered on QO, from BOF's website

Rankings list, filtered on QO, from BOF's website

Ranking points

Which runs will earn you ranking points?

The answer is any course:

  • at the highest technical difficulty (TD) level of five ("TD5"), i.e. any course above Light Green
  • with sufficient numbers running (i.e. so it's statistically reliable)
  • at an event categorised as "regional" or above e.g. SW Galoppen series, some Devon OC and Bristol OK events, but not QOFLs

The exception to the above is at major events e.g. JK, Scottish 6 Days, when running Light Green and now even Orange qualifies you.

It doesn't matter whether the course you're running is not the one you would usually run.

Most juniors are excluded. You need to be in the year of your 16th birthday, or above to qualify for the scheme.

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