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EMIT electronic timing

A guide

EMIT Brikke

EMIT Brikke

Last edited: Sat 6 Apr 2019

The dibbers being used at Savernake on Sunday are a bit different to ours...

Some clubs use EMIT, an alternative timing system to the SportIdent most members are familiar with. Many members encounter it for the first time at team events like the Compass Sport Trophy; here is what you need to know.

For those not familiar with it- beware the differences!

Like with our SI dibbers, the EMIT 'brikke' (Scandanavian word) is attached to the finger. As you can see from the pictures, the brikke is more bulky than the SI dibber.

Punching a control using EMIT

Punching a control using EMIT

Which clubs use it in the near South?

  • Sarum OC (SARUM)
  • North Wilts OC (NWO)
  • Southampton OC (SOC)

"Punching" at a control

How to punch:

1) place the brikke face down on the control unit or

2) scan the brikke very close to the unit, much like self-scanning in a supermarket (faster)

Your way of telling you've punch is either:

1) the flash of light you get when you punch with SI - but without the accompanying 'bleep' or

2) if you're lucky enough to have hired a more fancy version of the brikke tell, it will tell you what your next control is on a digital display.

What if the light on the control unit doesn't flash?

The brikke has a disposable piece of cardboard on it- when pressed down on the control unit, a pin punch pattern will be traced on the card.

Further info

The differences between SI and EMIT are outlined in another excellent guide by Berkshire OC