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Quantock Orienteers Forest League

It's trophy time! The Green QOFL trophy

It's trophy time! The Green QOFL trophy

Last edited: Sat 21 Oct 2023

Our QOFL events are our flagship competitive meets. We offer colour-coded courses from White (young juniors) up to Blue (experienced and fit seniors). Despite the large number of experienced competitors who attend, we are still on hand to help people get started on their first event. You can read more about what to expect.

Every year the club organises five or six QOFL events which form the Forest League. They use a standardised scoring system to ensure fair comparison.

The series starts in the Autumn and continues at approximately one event per month until the spring.

Trophies and certificates are usually awarded at the club championships in the summer.

Club Codes of Conduct

Please make sure you read and abide by these codes of conduct. They are there for everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Parents Code of Conduct
Participants Code of Conduct

Colour-Coded Courses

ColourTechnical difficultyPhysical difficultyRemarks
White 1 1 All on paths, direction of next control always indicated by flag. Suitable for young children of 7 to 8 who should be accompanied.
Yellow 2 2 Routes along obvious line features e.g. earth banks, fences as well as paths. Decision points introduced
Orange 3 3 Controls on features a little way off paths or on line features. Route choice introduced. Adult beginners shouldn't attempt anything harder.
Light Green 4 3 Transitional course for improving skills. Navigation skills required, interpretation of contours
Green 5 3 For those with good navigational skills but with limited energy or running speed
Blue 5 4 Longer than Green and shorter than Brown!
Brown/ Black 5 5 For very fit and competent navigators who are usually 16 plus. Usually only offered on vents we share with Devon Orienteering Club and no trophy awarded.

Current and Future Series

Forest League 2023-24

Previous Series

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