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User agreement

Last edited: Wed 11 Apr 2018

Before you get started, please read the following statements and terms. By downloading the app and / or printing the course map, you are agreeing to these statements and terms.


You agree you have read the Getting Started section & the details and instructions provided for each course.

You are responsible for your own safety and conduct while using the app on our courses. By downloading a MapRun map either on paper or via the MapRun app you accept this responsibility.

The course terrain contains varying degrees of vehicular traffic. To help you, we have endeavoured to show additional information in the instructions and on the map, such as possible crossing points on the busier roads, to aid safety and navigation.

The maps used for the courses are based on data provided Open Orienteering Maps, which in turn is fed by Open Street Maps. The latter resource is compiled from contributions made by volunteers. Quantock Orienteers cannot vouch for or offer any warranty as to the accuracy of the base map. Neither can we guarantee that the possible routes shown on the map are legitimate rights of way for running the MapRun courses.

The courses are intended for individuals, pairs or small groups such as families.

Larger groups must obtain permission from the club before using the course.

Using the courses for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

The courses remain property of Quantock Orienteers.