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JOG courses

Last edited: Sat 6 Jun 2020

Our weekly JOG activities offer four courses. Unlike formal events, they are not colour-coded, instead being named after animals.


The easiest course, where most juniors start. Usually a bit over 1km long. There will be a control at every decision point, eg. a path junction. Everything will be following obvious linear features such as paths or fences. Roughly equivalent to White.


Usually around 1.5km long. Still following obvious linear features, but there won’t be a control at every decision point. Some controls might be a few metres off the linear feature but will be visible from it. Roughly equivalent to Yellow.


A common starting point for adults with some navigation experience. Usually around 2km long. Controls are likely to be away from linear features but with a clear way to get to them. The will be an element of route choice where the fastest route may not be obvious. Roughly equivalent to Orange.


Usually over 2.5km. This is the advanced training course. Sometimes it is a straightforward course roughly equivalent to Light Green, ie. cross-country to get to controls but with clear stop features beyond them. Sometimes, however, there are tricks to make you focus on particular skills (eg. map memory, identifying attack points, avoiding overreliance on particular features).

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