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AGM 2021

Last edited: Wed 22 Sep 2021

Whilst the current Government guidance allows us to hold the AGM in person, the committee decided that it was unreasonable to expect everyone to be comfortable attending a large gathering at this time and that by holding the AGM in that way it could actually disenfranchise some people.

So, as last year we are holding the AGM virtually. Below you will find a series of reports (which will trickle in between now and the nominal date of the AGM - I'll update this to let you know when they are complete). Some items will need to be voted on. All members will be sent an email on the day of the AGM with a copy of the voting items. To vote, all they need to do is reply and indicate which option they are voting for in each case. We will cross-reference responses against our database of members' email addresses.

AGM 2020 Minutes

Voting options:

a) Accept minutes

b) Point out error in minutes (state what)

c) Reject minutes

The proposed change is to delete the sentence in bold below:

4.1 The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer together with at least four other members, all of whom shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be full members of the British Orienteering Federation. The Chairman shall not serve as such for more than three consecutive years. If any post should become vacant then the Committee shall have the authority to fill the vacancy until the next AGM, either from within the Committee or by co-opting another member.

An amendment to the proposal has been received and seconded. That is to replace the bold sentence with:

The Chairman shall not serve as such for more than five consecutive years.

There is a discussion about this proposal here. Please feel free to join in - there are very clear arguments given about the proposal and amended proposal.

Voting options:

a) Accept proposed constitution change (removing limit)

b) Accept the amended version of the proposed constitution change (changing limit to five terms)

c) Reject constitution change

Please note that the years run 1 June to 30 May. Membership numbers quoted may thus be different to those in the Membership report which runs August to August.

Voting options:

a) Accept financial statement

b) Reject financial statement

There have been no requests from committee members to stand down, nor has anyone new asked to stand for a role.

Voting options:

a) Accept all members of committee continue

b) Accept all members of the committee continue except (name)

c) Reject all members of the committee

There is also a report on JOG activities here.

Remember, these are provisional subject to landowner permissions and government guidance.