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Great Bear


Sun 26 Nov

Near: Nether Stowey
Level of event: Regional

Type of event: Race

Deciduous forest on Quantock Hills. Updated with organiser's report.


Results and Splits
RouteGadget (Green, Blue & Brown)
RouteGadget (other courses)

Organiser's report:

Firstly, thank you to all those that helped on the Sunday. Those that signed up to help and those that leant a hand on the day.

Well done to Ollie for well planned courses and thanks to Carol for keeping us controlled.

Feedback received from competitors was very positive.

It was a challenging event to organise. Having the parking over the road definitely gave me more to cope with

There were several issues during the day -the great weather, a couple of sprained ankles, lost keys and a lost dibber. Not to mention a member of public parking beyond the gates and meaning we were unable to lock up.

It is a shame we didn't get the competitor numbers we would have liked

Highlight was definitely the stags coming out of the mist and crossing the area behind registration. It was an amazing sight

Until next time.

Forest League 2023/24 Series Info

Our league events are open to all, beginner or experienced orienteer, young or old and there are colour-coded courses suitable for all.

We have six of these events a year and together they form the Forest League (QOFL). The series starts in the Autumn and continues at approximately one event per month until the spring.

Please note that for the 2023/24 season, all our league events will be Regional events (Level C).

Anyone can get a result for an event, but for it to be included in the league scoring you have to be a member of a British Orienteering affiliated club at the time of entry.

Events list for Forest League 2023-24

Code of Conduct

Please make sure you have read and comply with the Participant Code Of Conduct and, if applicable, the Parent Code Of Conduct.

Directions / Parking

Car parking at the top of Great Wood. Registration is about 500 m north - follow the taped route please. There is a marshalled road crossing and we ask that youngsters be accompanied by an adult.

Parking will be open from 9.00 am and we kindly ask that you do not leave the parking area until after 12 noon. There will be parking marshals to guide the parking.

Course Information

Brown 6.8km 360m
Blue 5.6km 280m
Green 4km 205m
Short Green 3km 125m
Light Green 3.3km 155m
Orange 2.6km 155m
Yellow 2.7km 115m
White 1.5km 50m

Punching: SI & SIAC Contactless

Be aware that there are road crossings on some routes (Light Green, Green, Blue and Brown). We will post warnings on the roads either side of these road crossing areas. If you are running one of these courses, please be careful.

Planner Notes:

  • Due to the prolonged rain prior to the event, the marshes are all very deep and should be avoided. Most courses pass through a large marsh, in which competitors should stick to the path.
  • There are lots of deer in the course area. Care should be taken as they are easily startled.

Entry Details

ClassPre-entryLate / On the day entry
Senior £10 £12
Senior Novice £5 £6
Junior £5 £6
Group £7 £9
  • Junior - anyone 21 years or younger at the time of the event, regardless of the course they are running.
  • Senior novice - an adult running White, Yellow or Orange.
  • Group - all going round a course together, two maps provided.

A standard SI dibber can be hired for free (or £2 for a contactless SIAC dibber). Failure to return it will incur the cost of a replacement (£30 for SI, £60 for SIAC).

Please note that if you enter on the day you run the risk that we have run out of maps for your preferred course.

Please consider buying a pack of pre-entry credits in advance. This costs you the same but saves the club a lot in credit card fees.

Buy credits


Standard prices until 23:59 on 22nd November. Late entries are subject to map availability.

Registration & Start Times

Registration from: 10:00

Start times from: 11:00 to 13:30

Helpers will hopefully be able to get out early - from about 10.30 am - the exact time will depend on how things go in the morning.

Courses close: 14:30

There will be one start lane for all courses.

First aid will be at registration.

Followed taped route to the start and taped route from finish to download.

Dog restrictions

Dogs allowed on lead


leg covering yes
waterproofs depends on weather
whistle yes
U16 accompanied by responsible adult no
reflective clothing required no
headtorch required no


No toilets at registration, so please use the toilets available at Great Wood on the lane on the way to the parking.

Change Log

  • 24/11/23 - corrections to course details
  • 23/11/23 - adjusted details to mention the green and light green also cross the road
  • 20/11/23 - final details
  • 10/11/23 - changes to start, course closure and car park exit times
  • 09/11/23 - changes to start details and added some planner notes
  • 22/10/23 - change to start times and course closure (as clocks will have changed) and added course details
  • 19/08/23 - Initial details from planner
  • 14/06/23 - Initial entry

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Ollie Rant

Controller: Carol Iddles (RAFO)

Organiser: Karen Lewis

Photo Gallery

At the start

At the start
Credit: David Harrison

At the start

At the start
Credit: David Harrison

At the start

At the start
Credit: David Harrison

At the start

At the start
Credit: David Harrison

Judy and organiser Karen with helpers

Judy and organiser Karen with helpers
Credit: David Harrison

Mike at the start

Mike at the start
Credit: David Harrison

Planner Ollie with Controller Carol having a well earned cuppa

Planner Ollie with Controller Carol having a well earned cuppa
Credit: David Harrison

Important Event Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. All participants must report to download whether they finish their course or not.

Privacy: when participating in our events/activities your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.

Photography: QO has an agreed policy on the taking of photographs at events, based on national guidance. This provides a sensible balance between the benefits and risks associated with the taking and use of images. If you are unsure about acceptable practice, please speak to the event organiser.

Safeguarding: QO is aware of it's responsibilities in safeguarding and child protection. To comply with The Child Safeguarding Practice Review and Relevant Agency (England) Regulations 2018, we now provide an email address for individuals to report concerns to the Lead Safeguarding Officer. This address is