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Ashton Court (Bristol OK)

Adams Avery & ASO relays

Sun 25 June, 2017

Near: Bristol
Level of event: D

Type of event: Race, Relay, Social

We're taking eight teams to Bristol and hope to have a great time in the fine setting of a country house estate

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Inter-club team event Series Info

A club other than Quantock Orienteers is organising this event. Please refer to that club's website for the most up-to-date information regarding this event. The information given on this page is specific to our club and the team(s) we are entering.

Directions / Parking

Please contact QO's team organisers if you'd like to car share.

Course Information

Previous experience says that the technical difficulty level of the courses is likely to be below average. Also, the various relays prescribe the courses which may be run. These are the reasons why some people may be running 'up' (e.g. doing Green rather than Orange) rather than 'down'.

Courses will be gaffled: this means there will be some variations in legs even on the same colour course. Gaffling is used to make following difficult. It is really important that younger runners in particular keep checking their control codes.

e.g. there are three different white courses, so each member of a "Primary" team will run a different one. So at the mass start for Primary (at 10.45) runners will be going off in three different ways. 

Entry Details


Jeff and Vikki have entered the teams listed further below

Dibbers: unless you have told the organiser otherwise, will those in senior teams please use the dibber you registered with BOF when you (re)joined QO. Runners will be disqualified if they use the wrong dibber. Please check the entry form if in doubt (NB: the form was last updated on Sunday 18 June; final version is out on Weds 21 June)


The club subsidises relay team entries by 50% so you're getting a half price run!

Members of senior teams: £4 each (including juniors in the Ad Hoc team). Dibber hire is £1.50. Please pay Jeff.

Members of junior teams ("schools" competition): £2 each: Pay to Vikki. All junior team members will be lent a dibber by the organising club, free of charge. Don't use any other dibber!

To help the organisers, if possible please pay monies over at Club champs the previous day.

Registration & Start Times

Please be there in plenty of time to run your leg.

Details are here: Final details (v4, published Tues 20 June)

Ask your team captain/ organiser if in doubt about timings. On the day, gather with everyone else representing the club by the QO banner.

Terrain Description

Runnable, open and undulating terrain surrounding a mansion house, with scattered areas of woodland, some steep.


Scale 1:7,500 with 2.5m contours, using Lidar data. Trees are individually mapped in the open areas.

See the image gallery below for the map, which shows a Blue course at the Adams Avery relays which QO teams ran in 2014.

Further details

by Bristol City Council

Senior teams

Adams Avery

Team nameLeg 1: BlueLeg 2: GreenLeg 3: Blue
QO VadisSpencer ModicaSteve RobertsonChris Philip
QOtableJeff PakesRoger CraddockMatt Carter

Ad hoc

Note: the following team is classed as senior because it has one senior member in it

Team nameLeg 1: GreenLeg 2: BlueLeg 3: Orange
QO DeerHeather GreenSheila BraineSam Shirvington


We have spare runners available and potentially another ad hoc team, as follows: Elaine Green (Green), Vikki Page (Orange), Angela Modica (Green / Blue), Pete Shirvington (Blue). Robert Green (Blue) has already been allocated to an multi-club ad hoc team.

Junior teams

As required by the rules, the following teams consist of those who are still at school:

Primary school class

Team nameLeg 1: WhiteLeg 2: WhiteLeg 3: White
QO HaresOliver Wilmott Miles Modica Jacob Shirvington
QO OttersChloe Carter Erin Toomer Tate Modica

Intermediate class

Team nameLeg 1: OrangeLeg 2: YellowLeg 3: Orange
QO SquirrelsBen WestHamish Braine-ClarkeWill Toomer
QO BadgersIzzy ModicaAnnabel CarterAilani Braine-Clarke

Open class

Team nameLeg 1: GreenLeg 2: BlueLeg 3: Orange
QO FoxesKieron HopkinsTom HaslerAndrew Page

Contacts / Officials

Seniors' team captain: Jeff Pakes 01823 321900 volunteers

Juniors' team organiser: Vikki Page 01823 270428 vikkipage8

Photo Gallery

Important Event Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Insurance: Please note that if you have participated in three orienteering events/activities and not joined an orienteering club that is a member of British Orienteering then you are not covered by our public liability insurance.

Privacy: when participating in our events/activities your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.