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Wind Down JOG

Back in action

What brings you here?

What brings you here?

Published: Sat 17 Mar 2018

Strong easterly winds and snow was forecast so we were amazed that nearly 40 people turned up to run at Wind Down. Pete Shirvington planned some excellent courses on his first attempt as a JOG planner.

Guess who

Guess who

We’re usually lucky with the weather but recently the weekends have been bitterly cold and snowy! In fact this is the first event we’ve managed to hold for three weeks!

A sprinkling of snow

A sprinkling of snow
Credit: Jim Pearson

Jacob, Pete's youngest son, suggested an idea for a fiendishly hard Fox, with a course marked on a completely whited out map BUT with a blank map on the reverse side! Thanks to everyone who turned up to support us on this very uninviting day

- Roger and Judy Craddock

Picture credits

Photography: Jim Pearson

Captions: Judy Craddock / Jeff Pakes

Caption competition

Who are the three mysterious figures in the photographs and what are they doing? Entries so far:

  • Jim Pearson took this photographic study of the Wind Down planner and controller, however they insisted on anonymity in case of repercussions (from JC)
  • Newcomers, it's our friendly and approachable "meet and greet team"!
  • OK I know we insist on 'full body covering' for our forest events but....
  • We appreciate not everyone likes there photograph taken but...
  • Judy had to gently remind these rather edgy newbies to leave their Kalashnikovs in the registration tent before attempting the Squirrel course
  • I know Wind Down so well I could find my way around it blind-folded

etc etc