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Volunteering Opportunities

Judy and organiser Karen with helpers

Judy and organiser Karen with helpers
Credit: David Harrison

Published: Wed 15 May 2024

We are pleased to announce since the November appeal we now have a secure future for JOG and we have a solution for our equipment storage, which is brilliant news, so we can now look at filling other roles.

Map Printer

We need one or two people willing to print our maps. We can provide a printer and all the supplies, and just need someone who is available to push the buttons and produce the goods. Ideally this would be someone central to our area, i.e. close to Taunton, but more importantly someone who would be willing to spend an hour or two on a Thursday or Friday to print the stock of maps ready for our next event.

Event Organisers

Organisers are the brilliant people who make our events happen. They look after everything needed for the event that's not connected to the courses. So things like coordinating the helper team, risk assessments, putting out signs, setting up registration, and checking everyone gets back. It's a responsible job, and it's a big job, but it's not particularly difficult, and without Organisers we'd have no events.

As someone who has been organiser lots of times including some large scale competitions, I have found it very rewarding. You are part of an event team putting on a successful day, and can rely on lots of support from the club membership.

Other jobs

Quantock Orienteers really values its volunteers! Almost all club members help out in some capacity over the year, whether its a simple job like helping with car parking or a much more complex task such as mapping. Volunteering is not compulsory but organising orienteering is hugely time consuming and we are very grateful that so many willingly club members give their time.

Volunteering is not a chore, it is highly rewarding. For example, course planning is even more of a challenge than running the course, and many of us enjoy solving that puzzle. We strive to keep our club friendly and supportive, so hopefully being part of an event team is also good fun.

To maintain our ambitious events programme we need a steady stream of volunteers, so if you are interested in helping then we'd love to hear from you! In particular we are always on the look out for people willing to be event organisers or course planners. There are lots of experienced club members ready to help out if mentoring or other assistance is required.

If you can help, please contact me, Richard, using the chair@ email address