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Vivary Park JOG

& Come And Try It

Prepare to be a-maze-d...orienteering in miniature

Prepare to be a-maze-d...orienteering in miniature
Credit: Jim Pearson

Published: Sun 16 Sep 2018

Jenny West planned the first JOG of the Autumn Term at Vivary Park and the surrounding urban area. Many runners and others in the park enjoyed the maze.

Photos (via Dropbox): 1- Various, 2- Presentations

The sunny weather encouraged a good turn out with many regulars and about six new families attending. The maze was run by Ray, Karen and Martin. Many thanks to all those who came to help.

- Judy Craddock

Next up

This Saturday we'll be at the Spinney- a brand new venue for JOG! Angela Modica will plan the courses.

The Woodland Trust describe the Spinney as "popular with the local people, with a path network throughout. An ornamental garden planted in the 1800s retains an arboretum feel in the centre of the native woodland. An old mill and a wildlife corridor provide additional interest."

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We are using a new method for displaying photos online this season:

  • Most photos for events will be in albums saved the JOG Dropbox account.
  • They can be accessed via a link, like the ones above.
  • The links will work until such a time that they are deleted from the Dropbox account.