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Two new club champions!

The social after the club champs

The social after the club champs
Credit: Stodge

Published: Thu 7 Sep 2023

After a last minute venue change, Sheila Braine and Deeyana Jaradat were crowned Senior and Junior champions respectively.

Last year’s Club champion, Mark Stodgell, had spent much of the year exploring, updating, and planning Young Wood and Orchard Portman to provide us with an up-to-date map and a new score format for this year’s Club Championships.

He and our permissions officer, Andrew Hopkins had obtained permissions for the area for the event and parking.

On the Thursday before the event, Andrew received an email from Forestry England that permission had been withdrawn – for a wildlife surveying reason – as yet, unidentified.

Panic? Not really. Considering the advertising, postings on social media, DEVON publicity and reminders to the membership, Mark was unfazed and set about planning an urban course for the Seniors which required a new Open Source map.

Judy and Roger approached King’s College on the Friday in the hope they might use the College parking and the map of the College grounds that was used last year for the Juniors.

A huge thanks to the Headmaster, Activities Manager, Megan Quantick, and the ground staff for fitting us in around a rugby tournament and to those who entered and transferred seamlessly to the new venue. They enjoyed a 1hr score event with a scoring ‘twist’ in glorious weather.

Congratulations to Sheila Braine and Deeyana Jaradat for winning the Senior and Junior championships respectively. Download the full results.

Many thanks to the members that helped collect controls and cleared the area enabling us to meet for the social and food at Stoke St Mary Village Hall on time. Here a last-minute change in catering left Karen and Annabelle Lewis to set up and provide tasty food produced by Lisna Lewis.

At 2pm, the presentation of JOG, QOFL, Street Series, and Club Championships awards were made by Chris Hasler – the originator of the QOFL trophies. The Chairman’s award was announced as Ray Toomer and the Special award for services to JOG was awarded to Linda and Hazel Mudd.

The AGM that followed was well attended and informal. All the existing committee were re-elected apart from the chairman who was replaced after 5 years of outstanding service by Richard Sansbury.

Roger Craddock

AGM minutes and reports