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Courses & Workshops

Safety training

Organising & event safety

A neighbouring club is putting the following courses on soon:

Organisers Level B course- 20 March, Ilsington, Devon (Devon OC)

Click on the link to learn more.

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Training video

Attack points

Did anyone benefit from last week's training video at Croydon Hill? With several controls on point features not far from a line feature, the area certainly lent itself to choosing a good attack point, the subject of the video here

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Compass work

Thumb Compass

To optimise your route

How to use the two different types of compass, base plate and thumb

How to use features on the ground to minimise the amount of time you need to take a bearing

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New video

for beginners

Liked what you saw at Saturday's "Come and Try It" event at Longrun?

UK squad member Graham Gristwood presents this clear, straightforward, fast-paced video describing the basics for those curious about or keen to see more of the sport.

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Setting the map

This is lining up the map so it's pointing the same way as the feature on the ground.

Once you're confident doing this, you should notice a real improvement in your game!

Here is a selection of videos describing the concept.

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Buddy scheme

Post run analysis- left to right, Angela with Chris H & Liz P

Take our survey now

Click here to take the survey

The club has developed a scheme designed to help and encourage those looking to improve and / or gain confidence. But for it to work properly, we need more potential matches. All welcome regardless of age or experience.

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Fyne & dandy

Under The Bridge

Saturday's JOG

Family friendly Fyne Court was the scene for the third JOG of the season, in warm and sunny weather. Karen Lewis was one of several who must have thought they knew the area well - until they tried Steve Robertson's 'Fox' training exercise.

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Planners' hints & tips

Steve's example of map clarity

Slideshow now available

Steve Robertson's recent illustrated talk at Broomfield Village Hall focussed on lessons learned from a wide variety of events over many years. As a refresher or for those that didn't attend, the presentation can now be viewed here.

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Planners' hints & tips

Broomfield Village Hall

Monday 20 August

Steve Robertson is inviting members to an illustrated talk at Broomfield Village Hall. There's no need to pre-book your place- just turn up on the night if you can. "Half time" refreshments will be served.

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Summer training

John Was The Boss Of The Bbq

Relays & BBQ

Coach Tess Stone has the following message for those thinking of going along for the final sessions on Thursday 19 July at Castle Neroche. Basically, bring some food for the coals and be prepared for some relay team action!

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