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Advanced Routegadget Analysis

Running Speed Route Analysis

Ever wondered how to get those colour-coded routes showing running speed?

Here's a guide on advanced post-run analysis from member Mark Stodgell.

Tue 28 Sep

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Sampson's Wood

These courses are from one of our Junior Orienteering Group events in Autumn 2021.

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JOG Autumn 2021

OK, so our plans have gone a bit out of the window because Forestry England has raised its fees and now treats juniors as full adults in their pricing structure. This happening so late in the permissions process has meant that we have had to make some difficult decisions.

We fundamentally believe that JOG events should be run as cheaply as possibly, and have always subsidised them from income from bigger events. We cannot achieve that under the new charging regime so have done our best to restructure the already-planned series to enable it to go ahead.

Some events will have physical controls as usual. Some will have to be conducted using GPS controls as we did during COVID restrictions. And some might have some courses one and some the other.

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​My MapRun Experiences

Roger Craddock (President)

Our President shares some of his tips and tricks...

During lockdowns (and trying to keep to guidance to exercise from home) I have used the many opportunities to ‘virtual’ orienteer in Taunton, Somerset.

I use the latest version of the app MapRun6 with smartphone and either GPS or QR code punching, or a Garmin watch with GPS punching, to vary my options.

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Torus Temp-O Results

Temp O Example 2

March saw the third Torus online Temp-O series. Competitors came from Hong Kong to the US, with a healthy European contingent.

The best five results from the eight events counted for individual scores, and the individual scores added to the club and national scores.

Our Chairman finished 112th in the B-class, which was the urban series, and was invited to join members of the GB Trail-O team for post-event analysis on Zoom.

QO finished 291st. It would be great to have more members taking part next time. BOK came 20th, DVO 78th and WIM 108th, so we have local competition!

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