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Thurlbear Woods

A soggy JOG

Well Done Alex Another Good Run

Well Done Alex Another Good Run

Last edited: Sat 24 Nov 2018

What a wet and uninviting day! Even worse for Chris Philip the planner who spent the morning putting out controls in the pouring rain!

Link to photos taken- click here

Spring term fixture list

We even put up two tents, so that people could register in the dry.

I muttered to Rog, I don’t think we’ll get any newcomers today….. WRONG!! Almost immediately a new family arrived full of fun and smiles, What else is there to do on such a day? said Dad Phil.

Thurlbear might be small but it’s quite tricky in parts and the dog walkers make the paths difficult to map. Chris planned some great courses with everyone returning feeling that they had had to work hard physically and mentally.

- Judy Craddock

Over the bridge

Over the bridge
Credit: Jim Pearson

Full stream ahead

See those bubbling brooks you kept on jumping over? Some of them were just dry ditches not so long ago. Planner Chris Philip reported he was considering replacing the blue lines on the map, such was the lack of water before the recent rain we've been having.

Here's a test for you- how's a dry ditch marked? And a wet one?

Bridging the gap?

Something you wouldn't expect to just disappear....a bridge. The map showed it and the Fox course 'crossed' it. But no sign of it on the ground!

Spring term

JOG resumes in mid January with a Come and Try It Event at Longrun Meadow.

Plenty of help will be on hand to ensure newcomers or those returning to the sport will be given plenty of support!

JOG- Spring term fixture list and planner

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