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SW Summer Relays 2020

Kieron Hands Over To Andrew

Kieron Hands Over To Andrew

Published: Wed 31 Jul 2019

There are usually six or seven relays held throughout the South West typically in small woods, country parks and urban areas.

All relays are on Sundays and some even have a BBQ or social afterwards.

SW Orienteering

SW Orienteering

Click on the date for more information on the event.

Click on the venue to see a map and/ or review of a previous event at that venue.

NB- the entries in the [ square brackets ] below relate to links with more information

The series

Date [basic details]Venue [Maps]Organising club [event page] / Closing date
14 JuneCoate? nr SwindonNorth Wilts OC
21 JuneTBA
28 JuneOldbury Court & Frome GorgeBristol OK
5 JulyMartin Down/ Farleigh School? Salisbury/ Andover?Sarum OC
12 JulyVirtuous LadyDevon OC
19 JulyTBA

There is a regional urban event in Clevedon on 7 June.

NB - fixtures may change, so keep an eye out on the following schedule:

BOF fixtures, filtered on SWOA relays

Form or join a team

Besides forming a team via our club captain, individuals can always get together and form their own teams. As long as it's registered in QO's name, you can apply to the treasurer for the club to cover half your entry fees. This has become quite popular with families. Don't worry if you're not very fast or great navigationally- the terrain isn't always that technical and all sorts take part!

Car sharing is encouraged and half price entries are available.

Venues often have toilets and sometimes refreshments onsite or nearby.

Bristol Relays, 2017

Bristol Relays, 2017

Introduction for newcomers

The idea is to have one or more teams representing the club at each of the relays. Females, families and juniors are particularly welcome to join our teams, to dilute the number of MAMILs (= Middle Aged Man In Lycra)!

We try wherever possible to put you in a suitable team, running a course appropriate for your age and ability. Sometimes the courses on offer means we cannot create an exact fit for you so we may ask whether you would be prepared to run "up" or "down" a course.

Venues vary tremendously, including woods, open moorland (Devon), country and urban parks and grounds of stately homes or large rural schools. Toilets are available at most events; showers are sometimes available.

Everyone is welcome to sign up for a team. The more the merrier, as we can register as many teams as we like. If they wish, newer or less confident members can run together to get used to the new experience, terrain and format. There is often an opportunity to run a leg or a course of a middling or low technical difficulty (i.e. Orange or Yellow). Families can also run together as a team if they wish.