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South West League 2019-20

A pause till January

West Woods, Wiltshire

West Woods, Wiltshire
Credit: Vieve Forward

Last edited: Sun 10 Nov 2019

The series resumes in mid January at the (uh-oh, contrived alliteration alert...) dewightfully wunnable West Woods of Wiltshire.

What else lies in store for you throughout the season? Check out our handy calendar (below).

Series flyer

League tables after two events



Venues vary from runnable forest, open hillside, moorland and mixed New Forest terrain.

These events are bigger than our QOFLs (Local 'forest' league) but still on a human scale and have toilets and often traders present.

On some of the better terrain in the South West, you get to rub shoulders with some of the best runners over nine events, from autumn to spring.

Between 10 and 20 QO members usually go and car sharing is popular amongst this group.

Pre-entering on Fabian 4 guarantees you a map but not all clubs offer this facility.

Fixtures correct as at 23 November 2019

Details in bold are links to the club's website, the rest are just fixture listings on the BOF website.

DateVenue, (Organising club) [map]Information*
13 Oct 2019Dartmoor: Whitchurch Common (Devon OC)Report,
League tables
27 Oct 2019Army terrain: Sidbury Hill, nr Andover (Sarum OC)Results page
10 Nov 2019Ringwood Forest North: nr Ringwood (Wimborne OC)Report
12 Jan 2020West Woods (North Wilts OC)Details
19 Jan 2020Forest of Dean: Lightning Tree Hill (North Glos OC), part of a weekend of ODetails
2 Feb 2020Mendips: Stockhill (Bristol OK)Details
1 Mar 2020New Forest: Blackwater, nr. Anderwood (Wessex OC)Details
29 Mar 2020Blackdowns: Blackborough (Quantock OC),including YBT (junior team) qualifierDetails
19 Apr 2020Hustyn, nr Wadebridge (Cornwall OC)Details

* Where in bold, the links are to the organising club's details. NB- flyers may not be the latest versions- check the organising club's website.

Otherwise the links are to generic details from the BOF website.

Events are often re-arranged: always double-check details on the BOF or organising club's website before making plans.


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    Photo Gallery

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    Sidbury Hill - excerpt from a 2018 event

    Sidbury Hill - excerpt from a 2018 event
    Credit: Sarum Routegadget

    Near the Start, Ringwood Forest North

    Near the Start, Ringwood Forest North
    Credit: Mike Faherty

    Bristol OK's Stockhill, Mendips

    Bristol OK's Stockhill, Mendips
    Credit: BOK Routegadget

    Anderwood Inclosure (Wessex)

    Anderwood Inclosure (Wessex)
    Credit: Hugh Venables

    Whitchurch Common

    Whitchurch Common
    Credit: Devon Routegadget

    cleared area, Downlands Plantation, Blackborough

    cleared area, Downlands Plantation, Blackborough
    Credit: David Smith