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Summer training


Training 2018 05 17 Quants

Training 2018 05 17 Quants

Published: Thu 28 Jun 2018

Our Thursday evening fun sessions attract a good range of ages and abilities. The aim is to improve your fitness, develop your confidence in navigating and according to lead coach Tess Stone, your "love of wildness!"

Coach Tess

Coach Tess

The skills, exercises and running are in woodland and heathland areas that have a good orienteering quality about them. They are mainly based in the Blackdown Hills close to Wellington and Taunton.

Group briefing at training, 2017

Group briefing at training, 2017
Credit: Vikki Page

All abilities/families are welcome, so regardless of whether you are a beginner or have some experience come along! Primary aged children should be accompanied by an adult.

The sessions will start at 6.30pm with a fun warm up and dynamic exercises- please arrive early so we can number count and start on time or as near as possible to that!

The main session will have a navigation focus (depending on the area we are in) with fun relays, hill work & short loops to develop fitness strength and stamina; It will finish with flexibility exercises at 8pm.

If the weather is very wet or windy and is unsafe to be out in the woods the session will be cancelled, so make sure you are on the mailing list that Judy organises so you can be notified.

- Tess Stone

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Skilling Up- training resources

What we did last year

Need a mentor? Or like to mentor someone?

"Ditched" into a training exercise at Quants

"Ditched" into a training exercise at Quants

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The 2018 programme

See the main events tab for more details

19 & 26 AprilCastle Neroche
3 May Staple Hill
10, 17 & 24 MayBuckland Wood Training at Quants
7 JuneStaple Hill
14, 21 & 28 JuneThurlbear Wood
5, 12 JulyBuckland Wood
19 JulyCastle Neroche

As with last year at Henlade Hill, there will be a relay and a barbeque on the last training session at Neroche

Coach Vikki

Coach Vikki

Further details

All Thursdays from 19 April to 19 July 2018 (but excluding 7 June)

Sessions will run from 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Cost £1 (for members ) £1.50 non members

The sessions are run by Tess Stone and Vikki Page, both of Quantock Orienteers.

Please bring the following to each session:

  • Outdoor footwear / trainers/ O shoes to run in
  • Warm layers and waterproof
  • A water bottle with water in it!
  • Your compass (there are some to borrow)