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Sue Hateley

Funeral arrangements

Sue Hateley at the Scottish 6 Days, 2013

Sue Hateley at the Scottish 6 Days, 2013
Credit: Wendy Carlyle

Last edited: Sat 7 Apr 2018

Together with her late husband Roger, Devon OC's Sue was a regular at our forest league events over the years. She died suddenly on 16 March.

Her funeral is at the crematorium at Barnstaple at 14.20 on 13 April. Family flowers only.

Club president Mike Crockett said: "Sue with her late husband Roger was a regular attendee at our QOFLs and they were quite well known at our events. Sue also played a prominent role within the South West Orienteering Assocation (SWOA) by being SINS* editor for many years."

* the regional newsletter

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