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Club night: review

Tate Shows Vikki His Results

We had an action-packed night with linear courses using smart phone scanning in French Weir park then three presentations in the Park Room, on urban orienteering races and then kit, followed by a discussion about the courses at Wind Down last week.

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Board Game

O Game

Forest Challenge!

Now the weather's turning, fancy winning a race without having to leave your armchair? Or planning a course without having to make a field visit? Then read on to learn more about an 'O' board game, re-released for Christmas.

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Welcome evening

Steve runs through the Photo-O solution

for new Club Night series

Our first Club Night of the season at Taunton's COACH centre provided training for the juniors in adjacent parkland and a series of presentations for seniors in doors. Steve Robertson's Photo O competition provided novelty and a real challenge for those brave enough to have a go

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Summer training finale

John Was The Boss Of The Bbq

Relays & BBQ at Henlade Wood

We ended our summer training series with some fun relays and a wonderful selection of food on this partially wooded hill overlooking Taunton

Links: Training section

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Presentations & AGM

A Sky Filled With Kites

& an uplifting talk

Many of those competing at the club championships joined us afterwards at the COACH building for a buffet, a video presentation and an awards ceremony. While the AGM was taking place, some of the children were given the opportunity to fly kite surfer Ray Toomer's kites on Longrun Meadow.

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Club Night - last of season

JOG presentation

& awards presentation

The evening began with a warm up led by Tess and Angela. This was followed by a Clock Relay in French Weir Park and the Presentation of Certificates and Trophies in the COACH Building by QO President Mike Crockett.

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Club Night

Andy Jim Demonstration

Mapping and use of GPS

At our latest club night on Thursday (23rd), we focussed on mapping and using GPS. Andy Rimes and Jim Mallinson gave an overview of the surveying and mapping process and the associated challenges, showed as the tools we have at our disposal as a club and took questions from the floor.

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Mystery Buddy

Magnifying Glass Cc0

Roughly a fortnight ago, an eager buddy filled out the online form on buddying. We were glad he was interested. However, he unfortunately left the question regarding who he was blank, so we don’t know how to contact him

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Club Night

On The Steps

Night nav and training

Coaches Tess Stone and Vikki Page are making excellent use of Longrun Meadow at it's 'Cathedral' on Thursday night (2 March), giving us a thorough workout each time. Orienteering training in the dark for all age groups- who would have thought it possible?

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Club night

Junior training, COACH building

Our first gathering at COACH centre

We had our first club night on Thursday 23rd February. Thanks to Roger and Judy for organising and the session leaders for their work and to all for thirty people who came. We had a real mix of young and old and a good gender balance to boot.

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