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Ringwood Forest

SW League

Near the Start, Ringwood Forest North

Near the Start, Ringwood Forest North
Credit: Mike Faherty

Published: Mon 18 Nov 2019

What a day - half of the QO runners who ran at Wimborne OC's event placed! But who fell over four times? And was the going really that rough? I'll give you a clue - she was out there two hours plus but still loved it...


What a day the twelve QO orienteers had at Ringwood Forest on Sunday 10 November. We had great weather - a cool start with sunny spells and no rain.

It was a technical area with rough open areas interspersed. There was lots hidden dips, ditches and brashings to contend with. I managed to go to ground on at least four occasions. It was definitely hard going on the legs.

On saying that, I loved it - as always. I definitely got my money's worth being out there for 131 minutes. Someone has to make all you others look good.

A special well done to Al Hemmings coming in 1st on white and only taking 20 minutes and to Sebastian Hemmings taking 2nd place only 3 minutes slower than his sister.

The following had great runs as well:

Pete Shirvington coming in 4th place on the brown course, Bill Vigar back on form and coming in 2nd on the short green, Sarah Pascall 2nd on light green, Oliver Lewis 2nd on Orange and Annabelle Lewis 3rd on Orange.

All in all a good day for QO.

- Karen Lewis

The QO website says...

Thanks for the report Karen.

As ever, reports welcomed from members for any event you've been to, that you'd like to share.