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Our new online entry system



Published: Sat 21 Aug 2021

As we prepare for the coming season, we have selected a new pre-entry and online payment system called RaceSignup. Written by Pete Davis from Southampton Orienteering Club, I'm sure many of you have already used it when entering Devon's events.

Benefits of Pre-entry

  • You are guaranteed a map for your preferred course.
  • If you have your own dibber you can go straight to the start without having to register.
  • No need to carry card or cash with you.
  • In most cases it is cheaper than on the day entry.

Bulk Credits

One feature of RaceSignup we really want to encourage is the ability to purchase credits in advance. This doesn't cost you any more than paying individually each time you need to enter something but it does save the club quite a bit in credit card fees.

As a quick example, buying £10 of credits to enter ten JOGs would save the club £2.70 compared to you paying £1 for each of the events.

The credits are yours to use for any QO event that has online pre-entry.

The Packs
£10 would cover one person for a JOG season with a little spare.
£25 would cover one person for a Street Series season.
£40 would cover one adult for the five home QOFLs in a season.
£70 would cover one adult and two children for the five home QOFLs in a season.

Get bulk credits


If you withdraw from an event before the deadline to do so (usually a couple of days in advance) you will automatically be issued credits for the full amount you had paid.

If you withdraw after that please email us and we'll sort out a credit. We may have to deduct any costs we have incurred, for instance map printing.


If you are helping at an event you are usually eligible for a half-price run in that event. The event organiser should be able to provide you with a discount code to enter when you register. If you have already paid by you become a volunteer, let us know and we can arrange a credit for the difference.