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Local League 2020/21

Season planner

Toughing it out on the trail, Staple Hill QOFL5, April 2019

Toughing it out on the trail, Staple Hill QOFL5, April 2019
Credit: Jim Pearson

Published: Fri 20 Mar 2020

The provisional fixture list for next season is listed below, with ourselves and near neighbours Devon OC again sharing an event each. All members, please check which QOFLs you are down to help at and let the event organiser or volunteer co-ordinator know if you need to change dates.


= Quantock Orienteers Forest League!

Please check the dates in your calendar so you can achieve your three scoring runs and, for members, your two helper shifts.

Down to plan or control an event?

Don't forget to read the QOFL Timetable guide.


All fixtures are on Sundays. Keep an eye out for changes- fixture clashes often emerge, which can force rearrangements to the Saturday instead.

DateSeries no. / Venue Results/ reviews & previews
18 Oct 20201- Blackborough (Blackdowns)**
8 Nov 20202- Triscombe Stone (Quantocks)Details
15 Nov 20203- Mutters Moor (nr Sidmouth, East Devon)*/**Details
3 Jan 20214- Castle Neroche & Staple Common (Blackdowns)Details
24 Jan 20215- Cothelstone Hill & 20 Acre Wood (Quantocks)Details
18 Apr 20216- Ham Hill (nr Yeovil)Details

* organised by Devon OC.

** event shared with Devon League. Those running the Brown course will not gain a score for that QOFL. All other runners are opted in to the QOFL scoring.

Trophies- picture


Members - please check which team you are in here. You will be invited to help at the QOFLs allocated to your team, which are:

QOFL 2 and 6 for Team 1.

QOFLs 4 for Team 2

QOFL 1 and 5 for Team 3.

QOFL 3 is being organised by Devon OC.

Note: having put on only four QOFLs to the other teams' five over the past three years, Team 3 will put on the first QOFL this season. Duties will then rotate in the normal manner.


You've got to be in it to win it!

Non-members intending to run at QOFL1 at Cothelstone Hill, don't forget to join before then, otherwise you won't appear in the QOFL League tables. You get access to some tempting member discounts. More about joining here