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Post-Christmas novelty score event

At Ash Priors

Rack 'em up - let's go!

Rack 'em up - let's go!
Credit: c/o Wikimedia

Published: Mon 24 Dec 2018

'Snooker O' score format - a QO first...and possibly last!

Please note: the closing date for entries has now passed.

A word from the tournament's promoters...

"To satisfy members who expressed disappointment at the loss of our traditional 'novelty' event Rosie and Andy are pleased to bring you an excuse to escape the sales and the couch!" be followed by a social get-together in a nearby hall (not of the snooker variety).

Follow link on the events page for further details.

For those of a certain age (that's the majority of us!), here's the Country & Western-style TV snooker theme tune from the sport's heyday to get you in the mood...