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Fyne Court

Permanent course: open again

What A Spot

What A Spot
Credit: Jim Pearson

Published: Mon 25 May 2020

As we come out of lockdown, this course is now open again for individuals and family groups. To make it more of a challenge, you can submit your time via an online form via the page here - Fyne Court POC

With the government starting to ease some of the lockdown measures, British Orienteering have started Phase 1 of the road back to orienteering.
Part of that is the reopening of selected Permanent Orienteering Courses. Our first is at Fyne Court and we are setting up a 'just for fun' league.

Location map / photographs

POC post

POC post
Credit: BOF

Permanent courses

Permanent courses
Credit: BOK website

More about permanent courses (POCs)

These offer a good and cheap way to keep in practice, especially during quieter times of the year.

Our course information has been updated on both this website and that of BOF's. Where possible, we attach downloadable map packs. Before visiting the POC, please read our Condition Report, which documents any known issues about the various courses e.g. any missing control stakes. It is important that users of the courses continue to report any problems to us so we can make those maintaining the courses aware.

Links: POC section, Training section.