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Planners' courses

Next one: Tuesday (15th)

Planning using software

Planning using software
Credit: Purple Pen website

Last edited: Tue 1 Aug 2017

Would you like to learn how to plan exciting courses to be run at our junior events? On Monday, five prospective planners had a go at doing just that. Mike Crockett's session will be repeated this Tuesday (15th August)- please apply to Judy Craddock if you would like to attend.

Mike C

Mike C
Credit: VP

On 7 August, Mike, an experienced past controller, ran the first of two courses to help planners create suitable courses for the Junior Orienteering Groups (JOGs).

He briefed five club members (Pete and Sam Shirvington, Angela Modica, Matthew Carter, Andrew Lukes) on the British Orienteering and Quantock requirements for a successful Activity, and then asked them to create courses on one of our areas to be scrutinised by the others. Judy and Roger Craddock added additional information that would help the production of an exciting and well organised set of challenges for all age groups in the forthcoming JOG Series when developments, sponsored by Sport England, are starting.

A similar course will be held at the COACH centre in Taunton on Tuesday 15 August which still has places available. If you would like to come for the two hour session starting at 6.30pm, contact Judy Craddock.

- Roger & Judy Craddock

In brief: what course planning entails

JOG programme for Autumn 2017

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