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President's Challenge

Several PB's at Parkrun

Eight of our Longrun Parkrunners

Eight of our Longrun Parkrunners

Published: Sat 14 Sep 2019

Was it the lure of the wine that did it? About 10 turned up for our President's Challenge, with several registering PB's (personal bests). All the more amazing when you consider our contestants between them had hundreds of Parkruns under their belts.

Everyone was in the top half of all runners in their age grading, with our fastest runner Pete Shirvington just outside the top quarter of his and son Sam in the top third of M15 to M17s.

But as we know scoring is never straightforward in our sport and Roger has consulted the BOF handicap tables to see who will be taking home the prize of a bottle of wine.


Link: The challenge explained

Link: Our Parkrun info page, with leaderboards for each venue

Results: President's Challenge

Pos/ nameClassHandicapAdjusted time
1- Pete Shirvington M45 0.84 16min20s
2- Sam Shirvington M16 0.84 17min4s
3- Vikki Page W45 0.62 17min44s
4- Roger Craddock M75 0.46 18min3s
5=- Owen Maynard M16 0.84 19min2s
5=- Jacob Shirvington M10 0.70 19min2s
7- Mark Maynard M50 0.79 19min23s
8- Thomas Hasler M18 0.88 20min40s
9- Andrew Page M14 0.80 21min28s
10- Martin Lewis M50 0.79 21min37s
11- Phil Sorrell M40 0.89 22min19s

Results: 5km Parkrun

the leaderboard from the Parkrun website

the leaderboard from the Parkrun website

Message from Roger and Judy

Thanks to those who accepted the challenge and congratulations to those who achieved PB’s as a result!

A great race between the Shirvingtons, who were running for the first time on Longrun Parkrun. Well done to Jacob, who should be doing the Junior run!

QO had great exposure and were able to launch the new season of JOGs starting next week

- Roger and Judy