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Orienteering plus a whole lot more!

Registration at the JOG

Registration at the JOG

Published: Tue 21 May 2024

After several years of not having a summer JOG, a good turn out of children and adults, including 18 children from Queen's College, enjoyed the 'Summer' weather on Henlade Hill.

It was good to be back out on Saturday morning setting up for what seemed a nice sunny day. Unfortunately, the nice weather didn't last and the rain started as JOG commenced. We had a good turn out of children and adults including 18 children from Queen's College. Everyone came back rather wet and there were lots of muddy children (and adults)! There were smiles all round and everyone seemed to enjoy their courses despite the weather.

Big thanks to Richard for some great courses, Linda for controlling and Ray, Sue and Adele for your help in the tent and on registration. We look forward to continuing JOG and hopefully can make Roger and Judy proud.

Hazel - Organiser

At JOG we learn new skills, keep fit, develop independence and have huge amounts of fun!

Being outdoors in forests, fields or parks, in sunshine, rain, wind, mud or even snow, connects us to the natural world that we are all part of.

And there’s more! We meet new people, make new friends and sometimes get the chance to have adventures, be creative and generally just live our best lives!