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join up or renew for 2019

Memship Expired

Memship Expired

Last edited: Tue 8 Jan 2019

A condition of entry to any orienteering event is that you join a recognised orienteering club, after your first three runs. Please remember your club membership is for calendar years, not orienteering seasons and renew in time for your first run of 2019!

Join or renew

Members also get good discounts on their runs and several other benefits.

New members

We're very glad to see so many people joining us in the last year.

Brief introductions to all these people are provided here.

Non-members & insurance

Please note that you need to join (or rejoin) us if you have had 3 or more runs at our events.

After this point, runs will not be covered under British Orienteering's (BOF's) public liability insurance. Most event organisers will understandably be reluctant to take the risk of having uninsured runners taking part.

All new members are allocated to a team which will help run two events per season - to find out which one, please click here. Helping at our events is a great way of meeting of meeting and catching up with other members.

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