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join up or renew for 2020

Memship Expired

Memship Expired

Last edited: Thu 3 Jan 2019

If you haven't renewed your membership for 2020, you can do so by logging onto the BOF website or by following the instructions in BOF's renewal invitation sent early November.

Those joining us for the first time should use this link:

Join QO

Please remember your club membership is for calendar years, not orienteering seasons and renew if you haven't done so already.


Members also get good discounts on their runs at certain events and can take advantage of promotional offers organised by our governing body, including generous discounts on accommodation and orienteering clothing and shoes. You are opted in to most local leagues too.

All new members are allocated to a team which will help run two events per season - to find out which one, please click here. Helping at our events is a great way of meeting of meeting and catching up with other members.

Non-members & insurance

When you are new to the sport, you are covered by insurance for three orienteering events or activities before joining. To continue with this benefit, you would need to join (or rejoin) a recognised orienteering club.

The cover is through British Orienteering's (BOF's) public liability insurance.

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