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MapRun mini series

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Published: Thu 7 Mar 2019

We're back in the county town this evening (Friday 8 March) for the series' conclusion, again using a new map, new orienteering terrain and a social afterwards!

Event details now updated for Course Info & Scoring- please read!

Be seen, be safe- series winner Gavin leads the way

Be seen, be safe- series winner Gavin leads the way

The event on the app is Taunton N a3.4 Long and Taunton N a3.4 Short. Please make sure you have the latest version (not a3.3 etc)

These exciting events run entirely off GPS signals, with your smartphone recording your times and your route.

Wimborne's Dick Keighley describes his first MapRun

This week

The Taunton North event runs from the Priorswood shopping parade. Again we're using a varied residential area, which surprisingly also has adjoining fields and country lanes. Newly mapped is the Priorswood area to the east. It is as intricate as the Pyrland area to the north and west, which we've used several times before including during our summer 2018 series.

Please read the details on the Event page- click here.

Before and afterwards, the parade has a nice undercover walkway to hide under if its raining and a pleasant community garden to relax in and discuss routes with fellow runners.

Then we'll hit the O'Bridge pub (just 2 minute's drive away on the A358) for drinks and a small trophy presentation!

Please let us know you're coming along and we'll reserve you a map.

Please note, it's a smaller scale map this week, at 1:7,500.

MapRun screenshot

MapRun screenshot

This week's courses

For those that ran in Yeovil, the courses will be very similar in length to that event but shorter than in Holway. Guide lengths for the optimum routes:

Short course: 6.5km

Long course: 8.7km (has been test run by John Miklausic of NGOC in just over 50 mins

With the league series already won by Gavin Clegg, why not try the long course this week for a really fun challenge?

What's it all about?

I thought that it would be an interesting novelty event but wasn't sure about there being nothing to see at the control site. But as soon as I heard the first beep as my phone registered the start, it became strangely addictive!

- Jenny West (at our Maprun trial, 2018)

Fixture list

See each event page for more details:

DateTownAreaMeeting place (pub/ restaurants)
Wednesday 20 February Taunton (SE) Holway & Blackbrook Results page
Thursday 28 February Yeovil (NW) Abbey Manor Results page
Friday 8 March Taunton (N) Lyngford & Priorswood Priorswood Place, then the
The O'Bridge

You don't have to be youthful or a techie!

You don't have to be youthful or a techie!
Credit: Judy Craddock

Each event will be conveniently centred on a pub/ restaurant or shopping parade, with parking onsite or nearby. Instruction will be given on how to get started, but please ensure you have prepared- see each event page.

You can start anytime between 17.00 and 19.00, meaning you choose whether you take your run in daylight or not.

If you could email the series organisers to let us know you are coming, that would be much appreciated.

Please respect the out of bounds areas and forbidden routes (marked with purple crosses) and stay safe during your run.


Why not stay behind afterwards to compare your routes and watch the leaderboard take shape as each runner gets back? Your route is automatically recorded on Routegadget.

The Night Owl trophy

The Night Owl trophy

Course format

With our basic "score" course, you can take the controls in any order you like. Just remember to get back within 50 minutes, or you get time penalities.

If you want a real challenge, you can try the "blocks score", where the controls are divided into two groups, which must be tackled separately. For the fit and confident!

Regular at urban events Graham Hartley explains the appeal. "I have always found the route planning aspect of score events a challenge, so a few events of this nature are great for practice, review and looking at the differing routes that others chose, and thereby improving your skills," he said.

Our Maprun section


The league will be scored on a handicap basis and the winner will receive our magnificent Night Owl trophy (pictured), formerly awards to winners of our After Dark League.


This is what MapRun looks like in action. It's a little bit misleading because runners should normally carry a map. It is possible to navigate just by phone but its not recommended. You phone serves as your electronic timing device and is best worn on your arm in a holster.

Future series

If this mini-series is well supported, we may consider running another one later in the year.