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Lemur Loop 2023

Img 20231112 Wa0007

Img 20231112 Wa0007

Published: Thu 23 Nov 2023

On Saturday 11th November 7 members of the Fieldhouse clan went to the beautiful village of Cricket St. Thomas near Chard to do the Lemur Loop.

There is a 10km (actually 9.6km) course around the estate, through fields, along tracks, with about 250m elevation. You can either enter the single 10km race and just do one loop, or if you are suitably mad, you can enter the 12 hour challenge, where you have 12 hours to do as many loops as you can. Unsurprisingly the Fieldhouses went for the latter.

To add to the excitement it was also Christian's stag do, so he was suitably dressed in a pink crop top and skirt for the entire event and was given surprise food packages along the way!!

On the start line there were 139 people doing the 12 hour event and 77 people doing the 10k. Everyone set off at 9am and the Fieldhouses all did a blistering first lap, egged on no doubt by the 10k runners.

The Fieldhouses split themselves into three groups, the 12 looper Adam, the 10 loopers Damien and Robin, and the 8 loopers Christian, Luke, Archie and Robot. The ground was quite fair overall, mostly on grass and tarmaced lanes, relatively dry under foot with only a couple of muddy patches. There was a food station serving sweets, snacks, water and coke at just over the half way point.

The Fieldhouses all did very well and stuck to their respective pacing with Luke completing 5 laps in 7h 25mins, Robot completing 8 laps in 11h 1min, Archie completing 8 laps in 10h 42mins, Christian the Stag completing 9 laps (one more than predicted) in 11h 45mins, Damien completing 10 laps in 11h 18mins and Robin completing 10 laps in 11h 6mins, with Damien and Robin both running an extra 4km after they finished to make it up to 100km!! Then Adam smashing the new course record with 12 laps in 11h 45mins!!

Overall It was a podium finish for the Fieldhouses and a Fieldhouse 1,2,3,4,5 for the 20-29 age category!!