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Lakes 5 Days: update

This summer's festival

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Last edited: Tue 17 Jul 2018

A couple dozen of us are making the trip. Start times are due to be published on Tuesday (24 July). There are now two training areas. For anyone still seeking to go, entries are still open though the prices have gone up a bit.

Online entries: Fabian 4, Website

Several QO families have booked accommodation and Matt Carter is acting as our point of contact up there.

Choosing what course to run on

Courses are based on age class. For an explanation of how they match up with the usual colour-coded course, click here.

On your marks...Pike O'Blisco, 2014

On your marks...Pike O'Blisco, 2014
Credit: ActiveNorth

Matt C

Matt C

Our trip co-ordinator

Those interested in going are welcome to contact the Carter family who are co-ordinating our club efforts up there.

Collaborating with other club members is quite common at the big events, as it's more social, logistics can be easier and all parties can benefit. Particularly those members within the larger group who fancy sight-seeing and a rest from orienteering on some days!

Assembly area viewed from Pike O'Blisco, 2014

Assembly area viewed from Pike O'Blisco, 2014
Credit: ActiveNorth

Matt said:

A week of orienteering seems like a great basis for a family holiday. We’ve certainly enjoyed belonging to the club and wondered if other families might be making plans. It might be more enjoyable for the children to have some company.

Matt has come up with a few ideas for getting together, if others are interested. A time-honoured one being establishing a club base at each event. Or perhaps even meeting up for a club 50th anniversary meal?

The Carters joined us early in 2017 and quickly acquainted themselves with the multi-day holiday format, with long weekends in Shropshire and Sussex. Since then, Matt's school groups and minibus have become a familiar site at JOG.

Rock (black) and limestone (grey) areas at Hampsfell & Eggerslack, 2014

Rock (black) and limestone (grey) areas at Hampsfell & Eggerslack, 2014
Credit: Routegadget

Matt quipped:

I’m happy to be a point of contact for anyone else interested, although it might be a case of the blind leading the blind!

Matt's contactable at

Oh, and if you're worried you can't handle the steep slopes up there, just remember, you probably have an advantage - the Quantocks you are so used to are notorious amongst South West orienteers for being steep and physical.

- Jeff Pakes

Trips to the Lakes in recent years

Lakes 5 Days 2014

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Summer multi-day events

There's a summer festival annually in the UK. The 2017 series was in Scotland- here's the write up

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