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Junior Orienteering Group (JOG) Spring 2023

registration at Ash Priors

registration at Ash Priors
Credit: Jim P

Published: Sat 17 Dec 2022

Our fixtures for the Spring term's Junior Orienteering Group (JOG) are finalised featuring a great range of areas - something to look forward to in the New Year!

The Junior Orienteering Group (JOG) is open to all those interested in trying orienteering or in developing their skills and fitness.

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Please note that these activities are subject to permissions.

JOG 114/01/23Ash Priors
JOG 204/02/23Lydeard Hill
JOG 311/02/23Castle Neroche
JOG 418/02/23Willett Hill (previously 11/03)
JOG 504/03/23
Fyne Court
JOG 618/03/23Henlade Hill
25/03/23Cothelstone South
JOG 801/04/23Longrun Meadow

At each JOG there should either be the Junior Development Officer, Phil, or someone else available to help explain the skills and assess for the JOG Badge Scheme. The scheme helps juniors develop the skills they need to improve their orienteering and progress up the course levels.

Find out more about the JOG Badge Scheme

Sidney receiving his JOG badge

Sidney receiving his JOG badge