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Junior Orienteering Group (JOG) Autumn 2023

Netherclay start

Netherclay start

Published: Thu 7 Sep 2023

Our fixtures for the Autumn term's Junior Orienteering Group (JOG) are finalised featuring a great range of areas with coaching available for both juniors and seniors.

The Junior Orienteering Group (JOG) is open to all those interested in trying orienteering or in developing their skills and fitness.

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Please note that these activities are subject to permissions.

Event Date Location
JOG 1 16/09/23 Netherclay Wood
JOG 2 23/09/23 Vivary Park
JOG 3 14/10/23Wind Down
JOG 4 21/10/23Longrun Meadow
JOG 5 04/11/23Thurlbear Wood
JOG 6 11/11/23Ham Hill
JOG 7 18/11/23Broomfield Hill
JOG 8 02/12/23Fyne Court

This season, we have managed to obtain the services of three coaches.

The content of the Senior programme (lead by Gavin Clegg) will be determined by the standard and wishes of the participants who commit themselves to attending the course of 6 sessions for an up-front fee of £30.

The Junior programme will be led by Vikki Page who will have a set of guidelines which link into the JOG badge scheme, so it is important that the children try to attend as many as possible during the term. A fee of £30 per child (£15 for a second child) applies.

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