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JOG Autumn 2021

Last edited: Fri 4 Jun 2021

We're prepping for our next Junior Orienteering Group season. This one will be taking the best from the old and from the lockdown version - a choice between coming along between 1400 and 1530 when we'll have people around to explain things and real controls or in your own time over the rest of the weekend using GPS punching.


These are subject to permissions.

JOG 111/9/21Sampson's Wood
JOG 218/9/21Broomfield Hill
JOG 325/9/21Staple Hill
JOG 42/10/21Willet Hill
JOG 523/10/21Cotford St Luke
JOG 630/10/21Fyne Court
JOG 76/11/21Kingscliff Woods
JOG 813/11/21Wind Down

More Info

Read more about our JOG activities.

Call for Planners

We're all sorted for the Autumn 2021 series, but are looking for people to have a go at planning ones in Spring 2022.

We'll give you lots of support, including the JOG Planners' Course.

Contact membership@ for more info...

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