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JOG Autumn 2021

Published: Fri 4 Jun 2021

OK, so our plans have gone a bit out of the window because Forestry England has raised its fees and now treats juniors as full adults in their pricing structure. This happening so late in the permissions process has meant that we have had to make some difficult decisions.

We fundamentally believe that JOG events should be run as cheaply as possibly, and have always subsidised them from income from bigger events. We cannot achieve that under the new charging regime so have done our best to restructure the already-planned series to enable it to go ahead.

Some events will have physical controls as usual. Some will have to be conducted using GPS controls as we did during COVID restrictions. And some might have some courses one and some the other.


These are subject to permissions.

JOG 111/9/21Sampson's Wood
JOG 218/9/21Broomfield Hill
JOG 325/9/21Staple Hill - cancelled due to FE not having cleared it with NE in time
JOG 42/10/21Willet Hill - cancelled due to no permission from FE
JOG 523/10/21Cotford St Luke
JOG 630/10/21Fyne Court
JOG 76/11/21Longrun Meadows and French Weir - a replacement due to the original being cancelled due to no permission from FE
JOG 813/11/21Wind Down - cancelled due to no permission from FE

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Sampson's Wood

The season started with a new area, mapped and course-set by one of our younger members. There was a good turnout, boosted further by a couple of minibuses of Scouts.

Out on the Fox

Out on the Fox

In addition to the normal four courses, we had a maze by the registration area. Everyone who gave it a go had lots of fun.

The maze next to registration

The maze next to registration

Turning a tight corner at speed

Turning a tight corner at speed

There was even an awesome playground right next to registration!