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JOG Autumn 2020

The Start Control At Lydeard Hill

The Start Control At Lydeard Hill

Published: Sun 13 Sep 2020

This'll be an interesting season with all the Covid restrictions, but should still be fun.

Read on for fixtures and how it will all work...


12-18 September 2020Vivary Park
19-25 September 2020Triscombe Stone
26 September - 2 October 2020Lydeard Hill
3-9 October 2020Thurlbear Wood
10 October 2020Combe Wood
26 October 2020Taunton School
7-20 November 2020Pyrland Urban
14-20 November 2020Crosslands
5-6 December 2020Longrun Meadow

How it Works

Each 'event' will take place over a weekend, or even longer. Participants can walk/jog/run the course at any time within that timeframe.

Each fixture has an entry form on its page. It will collect the information we need for the insurance and for Contact Tracing. On completion of the form, participants will be given a link to a folder to download the maps. Please don't fill this form in more than a week in advance as the maps won't be there yet.

Participants then print their own map (or make arrangements to collect a copy from the organiser if they don't have a colour printer).

They will be tracked using a GPS app on their 'phone, in most cases MapRunF. There won't be control kites on the ground like normal, but the 'phone will beep/buzz when they reach the control site.

At the end, results are uploaded to be reviewed by the organiser.

Juniors running

Juniors running