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JK 2019

Entries close on Sunday

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Last edited: Fri 15 Mar 2019

This Easter's weekend festival is being held relatively close by (Aldershot area).

Entry are due to close on Sunday (24 March).

Relays: see separate news item.

Seventeen members have already signed up for the individual days - amongst us a real mix of experience, plus half of us are regulars at JOG!


JK 2019 website and entries

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Contactless punching with SIAC cards

Contactless punching with SIAC cards

Which age class or course should I enter?

QO's handy guide is here

It attempts to show how the colour coded courses many are familiar with translate to the age class based categories used at the big events.

It is cheaper to enter those courses up to Light Green level.

Entries & dibbers

The club is making its new superfast SIAC dibbers available to hire to members who are making the journey. Please let Rosie Wych know if you wish to take advantage of the contactless punching the system offers and would like to hire one.

Contactless punching is on the increase and at the last JK it was apparent it can give a competitive advantage to those using it.

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