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JK 2010


Braunton Burrows, JK 2010

Braunton Burrows, JK 2010

Published: Fri 30 Apr 2010

Being in Devon this JK was local to QO and therefore well attended by our members. Braunton Burrows provided high quality terrain on the north Devon coast but Cookworthy was rather muddy. There was individual success for Mike Crockett and Bill Vigar.


JK 2010 started well for QO with Mike Crockett finishing 2nd in the M75 class in the Day 1 Sprint event, with Bill Vigar just two places behind.

On Day 2 the action moved on to Cookworthy, and the dynamic duo were once again at the front of the pack. Mike and Bill finished 4th and 6th respectively in the M75L class.

Day 3 was at Braunton Burrows, and the pair showed no signs of slowing down in the sand and sunshine. Mike put in another splendid run to finish 2nd in M75L (less than a minute behind the winner, Andrew Gregory of MDOC ), and Bill wasn't far behind with a 4th place finish.

Assembly, Braunton Burrows

Assembly, Braunton Burrows
Credit: Wendy Carlyle

Their consistency put Mike and Bill second and third in the overall results for Days 2 and 3, and made them familiar faces on the podium.

We were beset with injuries and illness at the JK relays on Day 4. However QO managed to field three out of the four teams entered, thanks to Sandra Smith, Dave Holmes and Margaret Crockett stepping in at the last minute and to the other members putting up with the continual tinkering of running order to accommodate these changes. And in addition a special thanks is due to Jan, our ally in the camp, who allowed me make these late changes at Relay Registration.

A team of JOG families lead by the Craddocks put on a series of string courses throughout the tournament, entitled the Great Bear Hunt. For the full article see QuOnicle 131 May 2010.