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Indoor O

Bradford Grammar School

Martin, Jacob and Pete, Bradford Grammar School

Martin, Jacob and Pete, Bradford Grammar School
Credit: Wendy Carlyle

Published: Wed 21 Aug 2019

A format that's big in Scandanavia and most obviously of use when there's a whiteout in the forests! Pete and Jacob Shirvington and Martin Lewis tried it out during their grand O tour of Yorkshire. Pete reports.

Photos (Wendy Carlyle, Flickr)


Wow! This event surpassed all my expectations. I couldn't understand how this could be difficult, just running around indoors; I soon found out. Most people grabbed a map and then stood still for quite a while before setting off. I managed to get confused enough to somehow miss a control and thus get beaten by Martin the tortoise. Most of us also stood at control 17 for quite a while looking for number 18

- Pete Shirvington

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Indoor orienteering is bigger and more established than you might think...

The 2019 Stockholm Indoor Cup attracted 1500 pre-entries, including 20 competitors flying in from the UK. There was in fact a waiting list to enter! The first venue was a nine storey school with a central courtyard and some taped off stairways to maximise the navigational complexity.

(Source: CompassSport Magazine, February 2019)

Race the Castles

The event was part of this Yorkshire-based series, comprising 12 events in 9 days.

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